Self Evaluation – Self Initiated Game

So for this year we have been given a chance to work on a project of our choosing with our own direction. I had started out the year interested in modelling and rigging characters and creatures, however soon into this process I found myself disengaged with the project and rapidly losing interest. As soon as I realised that I did not enjoy this process I changed my project focus, I started out by wanting to model rig and animate and also make the mechanics of a free running character.

The only part of this process I found enjoyable was the Blueprint and making the mechanics for the free running, so I decided to focus my efforts on this for a while into the project. I included a screenshot and a detailed breakdown of my blueprints in my design document, seeing as this became my primary focus of my project I needed to make sure these where fully working and implemented and my primary goal.

I feel like I achieved this goal really well and managed to make the mechanics that would work well in a game, towards the end of the project I even managed to tweak most of the mechanics and get them working the way I wanted them to.

My secondary goal was to build the environment and the village for the player to run around in and interact with, I feel like I lost focus a little in this part of the project. My secondary goal was to build the environment to run around in and interact with, and my Tertiary goal was to build the AI that the player had to run away from or help heal. Instead of focussing on my secondary goal I kind of split my focus with the secondary and tertiary goals, leading to a less full and complete environment and a poorly built AI that didn’t work properly.

In conclusion to the project, I feel that what I primarily set out to do has been achieved. Build mechanics and blueprint for a free running game, however regarding my secondary and tertiary goals this has been a failure. Without fully completing the environment or the AI programming both these goals have not been achieved, the project has been a success however it could have been more if I had not lost focus.

Client Project Update #3

Again with being way way way overdue but here is an update on what i have done since last time.

A lot has happened since last post and for me to update everything it would be so long we would all be here forever or get bored, so ill simplify it and show you what i have done to progress the street and start developing the buildings we already had and make them better, more optimized and detailed seeing as we have decided to push for next gen graphics.

I had modeled 2 buildings on the main street and 1 on same connection of buildings. After getting feedback from our tutors and a lot of attention being drawn to how empty and unnatural it felt and being given feedback i decided to take a few buildings and redo them up to a standard that i will be happy showing the public, we also got feedback on the shop windows, and how it looked crap when we plainly textured on the interiors and it had no depth or parallax and felt unnatural.

This was the street before i had remodeled the big buildings on the corner and as i started on one of them, you can probably spot the one i havent finished when you see progress shots.

This was after i had remodeled everything

This took me a weekend and i was able to drop the poly count and optimize the street by 10000 polgons, this is a considerable amount and means that i can get lots of assets in and be able to start working on interiors, which is what i did next.

With the street if you walk down you often look in shop windows and browse the goods. with a flat texture you cannot do that and it looks off, but with physical models it gives you the ability look around and texture them individually. Here are the shop interiors a little closer to see some of the details. These took me roughly a day to make so its not a lot of time spent and it adds a lot of life and detail to the scene

We had a group crit session where i showed both the blank walls that would be textured and the shops with interior and everyone decided that we would proceed with modeled interiors because it looks miles better than what we did initially. The down side to this is that the 3d team have a lot more work to do but as i said, i did these 2 interiors in a day (Granted not finished but still you get the feel) so not a lot of time for a quick result and the assets can be reused around the entire street if it calls for it.

We have been looking into the uses of PBR textures and the materials that we can create to bring this to life. we are all still in early learning process of this and dont know much more than the basics and need to get to grips with this fast if we want this project to succeed.

Progress on Self-Initiated Project

This is a post to update my progress on my self-Initiated project and the creature creation. I have been very unorganized with my time and have recently decided to to try and manage this better so that more time isn’t put into one project and i neglect another, within this time i have managed to make some progress and get feedback and develop my creature more than i have without this time management.

These are the screenshots of my creature as it stands at the moment, this is still in the early process and we should begin to see a lot more development over the course of the next few weeks.

I decided on a few elements on the fly by using my own creative license and through the use of thumbnail and silhouette design. This can be easily used in zbrush while working on a model and if a part of the design isn’t working, you can use the outline material and working with the standard tool you can mask your mesh and go mental on that section not worrying to much about the rest of your mesh, this is a really useful tool for many designers

I do believe this comes as default in zbrush.

This is where i am at with my creature so far, I decided to go with horns (these can still be changed) because i wanted multiple ways the creature can attack, so he has: Horns, An Axe on his tail, powerful legs that will have claws aswell. The Axe on his tail is not going to be used as a primary means of attack more of a back up so as he turns it can whip and smash, like a double bluff if something is standing up and trying to intimidate it can knock him down and then use either its horns or claws.

Things that are still to be done as far as this blockout goes are teeth and then finalize my design and begin doing a high detailed sculpt.

Stay tuned.

Design Process???

Recently following a discussion with our tutors about the poor quality of work and presentation of work during hand in we have been tasked to go away and look at our projects and find our own design process and take a look at others and see what we are missing, then using the research to design our own design process using our updated design process… What?!?!?!

After making sense of the brief I was able to get to work and produce my design process and a graphic for it following the same design process.

This is just the end result, If you all want to see the process I went through, just comment and ill make a longer post showing my development work and process for choices and design. (For university I will include design work and progress in the final Hand-In)

Creature design Progress #2

So I’ve done a little more design for my creature, I started out by doing some silhouettes and plucking from my reference images to pull together some interesting shapes and I continued to work on the block out for the creature. Here is the silhouette image


After I had done these I decided to manipulate my original block out design and begin working out some of the anatomical details that would or would not make sense.

This was the first design and I am happy with it however it feels to much like a dog and not enough like hulking creature that is going on a rampage.

This is my second design which I am much happier with, however it can still use some more work to refine the shape.

After a little more feedback from peers and some more tweaking I will be satisfied that I can proceed and begin sculpting in finer detail.

Any critique or feedback is welcome.

Self-Initiated Update #2 – EARLY! Creature Design

I figured that with my self-initiated project I have been focusing way too much on the Blueprint aspect and not doing anywhere near enough design for my creature or character. With that being said i decided to get to work on my creature and test out some design ideas in 3d.

I set out by going back over my proposal document and adding in any extra details that i have been thinking about over the past few months. Really should have done this as and when i had them, a note to future me that i wish past me knew about.

Original Abstract

The creature is a result of experimentation on accelerated evolution and rapid growth within the facility. The project is called Quintessence it is called this because they want to evolve a simple single celled organism into its most pure and perfect form, however this wasn’t working so they decided to use an animal as a template and evolve that creature millions of years in just a few months and with the accelerated growth and maturity they could observe the creations entire lifespan within a few weeks.

Creature Idea

  • Dog (Pitbull, Doberman, Wolf, Hellhound, Cerberus, Fenrir) – This would evolve into a hulking creation with armoured plating around its body for defence, possibly some horns on its head or sabre like teeth as a form of attacking. It would develop genetic traits that would cause it to heal rapidly and stop it from ageing beyond maturity because his cells would regenerate as fast as they would die almost preventing him from death.

Looking back at this, i decided to take out what wasn’t relevant to the creature design and get to work pulling together research images of what kind of features i want to give my creature.

I knew my creature was going to develop some kind of armour plating around its body to make it more durable. Here are some images i pulled together for some reference.

And i knew that this armour was going to be kind of grotesque looking, i looked into exoskeletons and all kinds of stuff. Here are some more images i pulled together for this.

I am currently undecided on how the creature will attack and am also playing around with the idea prompted by Jason Pook of giving it some kind of spikes or scales along its back. More images as reference

More images of how the creature might attack or weapons it might have. I was also prompted by my tutor about changing its profile and making it have kind of gorilla arms and walking on knuckles. References of ways of attacking and walking on knuckles.

After some research with this stuff i decided it was time to learn some anatomy for dogs, I want my creature rooted in reality, this will be aided by a better understanding of the base animal and how its anatomy works. I initially set out by making a base mesh in zbrush of a dog and a velociraptor, this was down to being completely torn between them both as a base mesh. The dog makes sense in with the concept of evolving an animal, however the velociraptor would also fit the concept by just working with the fossilised DNA of a raptor and manipulating it in a controlled environment. Here is the zsphere base mesh of both the dog and the raptor.

After doing these and looking at my research and trying to find pictures of anatomy of extinct dinosaurs proved difficult, I decided to progress with the dog design and did some research into anatomy and muscle structure of a dog. Here are my images for the anatomy research.

Using these i was able to add in some detail for muscles and tone of the body for the dog, trying to keep it fairly close to reality at this point because i could potentially import the realistic dog into our client project and have the dog walking the street with its owner. Here is where i am at with the blockout for the body.


Feedback and Crit is welcome as i am looking to make this the best i can.